Exploring the predatory habits of one of Britain's best loved pets

Image: Antoine Robiez

Calling all cat owners...

We want to find out all about your cat


We're interested in what your cat gets up to when he/she leaves the house.

In particular, we want to know how many small mammals and birds they bring home.

The impacts that cats have on our wildlife are not yet fully understood. We will be using a combination of 'cat diaries', cat-cameras, and GPS technology to shed light on the predatory habits of cats in the UK.

We are also interested to hear about their day-to-day behaviour, habits, and environment. This will help us to understand why some cats predate more than others.


Who do we want to hear from?

Do you have a cat? Do you live in the UK? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

No two cats are the same, and in order to understand what causes them to behave differently, we need to gather information on a huge variety of individuals.

So, whether your cat regularly brings home prey, or not, get in touch!

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Image: Ole Martin Bjørnli Günther

Not exactly sure what the cat dragged in? take a look at our ID guide...

Click below for a handy guide to help you identify any birds, small mammals, reptiles or amphibians that your cat brings home. Our small mammal ID guide is also available as a printable PDF!

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