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Cameras & GPS

Image: Holly Bourne

We're recruiting a number of cats to wear 'cat-cams' to film their behaviour on the other side of the catflap. Not only will we see what they get up to outside, this will also give us a much clearer understanding of how many 'presents' they kill, but don't bring home. GPS units will also be used to track the movements of cats outdoors, to see how they interact with the environment.


Like the cat diary, this part of the study will also be carried out over a 12 month period, to detect any seasonal changes.


You will be sent a camera and/or GPS unit, and will be required to collect video footage/data whenever possible throughout the duration of the study. In order to be eligible for this part of the study, you must also sign up to complete the cat diary- that way, we can compare what your cat brings home with the level of predation detected on camera.

To register your interest, please sign up to the cat diary and when asked, indicate that you would like to take part in the camera and/or GPS study. Both GPS units and cameras are limited, so registration does not guarantee that you will be selected for this side of the project.

If you would like any more information before signing up, please contact us here!

To sign up,

you must first register for the 12 month cat diary here:

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