It is very

important that we gather data on a representative sample of cats, so whether your cat predates regularly or not, we'd love to hear from you!

Cat Diaries

We are looking for cat owners from across the UK to take part in our 'what the cat dragged in' survey. Volunteers are required to keep a diary of all prey species which are brought back home by their cat(s). Each month you will be asked to submit your data, whether you have had any 'gifts' from your cat or not.

To register

Please complete the short questionnaire by following the link below and tell us all about your feline friend!

More than one cat?

If you have more than one cat in your household, we'd love to hear about all of them! When registering more than one cat, please complete a separate form for each.

What next?

We will send you a joining pack within a couple of days and keep in regular contact for the duration of the study. You can also head over to our Gallery to upload a photo of your cat

If you would like any more information before signing up, please contact us here!


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