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Get Involved

Image: Holly Bourne

We are looking for cat owners from across the UK to take part in our 'what the cat dragged in' survey. Volunteers are required to keep a diary of all prey species which are brought back home by their cat(s).

Not sure what speces it is? No problem! You can find lots of handy identification information on our prey ID pages.

12 month cat diary

Image: Hannah Lockwood

Cameras and GPS tracking

Ever wondered where your cat goes when they leave the house? We're building up a database of moggy movements using GPS tracking devices.


We're also using 'cat-cams' to get a cat's-eye-view of the world. Not only will we see what they get up to outside, this will also give us a much clearer understanding of how many 'presents' they kill, but don't bring home.

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