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Image Sources

All images are visibly creditted where appropriate. Below are links to the artists' original work:

Images not listed here were used with kind permission of the owner and have no online source.

Original artwork found here remains the property of the author and may not be used by any third party, unless specified.


Antoine Robiez:

Ole Martin Bjørnli Günther:

Holly Bourne:

Small mammals

Duncan Hull (house mouse):

Hanna Knutsson (wood mouse):

Gareth Christian (yellow-necked mouse):

Chris Parker (harvest mouse):

Jean-Jaques Boujot (brown rat):

Hanna Knutsson (bank vole):

Rudmer Zwerver (field vole):

Hanna Knutsson (common shrew):

Philip Hay (pygmy shrew):

All images used are fully creditted on the desktop site. Please find a full liist of image sources by accessing this page from a computer.

Image: Hannah Lockwood

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